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Civil Procedure Law Discipline

  The discipline of civil procedure law is a National Key Discipline of Law. It is also one of the earliest disciplines in China to obtain the Master's degree of law and the qualification for granting the Doctor's degree. The discipline began to recruit master's degree students in 1979 and doctor's degree students in 1995.

  Since the last founding of the school in 1950, under the leadership of Professor Chang Yi, Professor Tian Ping'an and Professor Tang Li, the discipline has made great progress. In 2009, the teaching team of civil procedure law was named "National Teaching Team". The discipline of civil procedure law has a team of teachers with high education background, high professional level and comprehensive quality. There are 28 full-time teachers in the discipline, including 9 professors, 8 associate professors and 11 lecturers. All of them have a doctor's degree in law. Among them, 10 have overseas visiting experience. The structure of learning background and age structure are reasonable, and the faculty strength is strong. Professor Chang Yi is the first generation of civil procedural law in P.R.China and one of the founders of civil procedural law in China; Professor Tian Ping'an is the first Master of civil procedural law trained in P.R.China, and was awarded the title of "National Prestigious Teacher" in 2007; Professor Tang Li was awarded the title of "Chongqing Prestigious Teacher" in 2012; in 2014, he became a "Chongqing  Distinguished with the title of Bayu Scholar”; selected as "Chongqing Academic Leader" in 2019. They have not only made outstanding achievements, but also made outstanding contributions to the construction and development of the discipline.

  With the joint efforts of all members of the discipline, the course of civil procedure law has become a National High-quality Course. In 2006, the course of civil procedure law was rated as a National Excellent Course. In 2012, the course of civil procedure law was approved as a National Excellent Video Open Course. In 2013, the course of civil procedure law was approved as a National Excellent Resource-sharing Course in the field of civil procedure law. In 2016, the course of civil procedure law was approved as the first batch of National Excellent Resource-sharing Course, and "Chongqing Excellent Online Course" in 2019.

  In addition to focusing on the daily cooperation with China's judicial practice departments, the discipline team actively carried out foreign exchange, signed exchange agreements with famous universities such as Hiroshima University of Japan(広島大学), Sungkyunkwan University of South Korea(성균관대학교), Soochow University of Taiwan, and sent students and teachers to study and exchange with each other. In terms of the construction of characteristic research base, the discipline jointly established "People's Court Research Center" with the Supreme People's Court in 2014, and has held two National People's Court Forums so far, which has had a significant impact nationwide.

  Now, the discipline of Civil Procedure Law of Southwest University of Political Science and Law has formed an academic team with strong overall strength and reasonable echelon structure, and has become a law discipline with high reputation and great influence at home and abroad.